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    • My first night ever in the beautiful northern lakes of Wisconsin, so I wandered from my hotel around sunset to check the lake across the street. I heard cheering and it was a big crowd of parents in bleachers cheering their kids in a water ski show. Happens all the time they say.

      I took some pics and they want me back Friday night for more because I missed half this show.

    • They take their sport seriously and skied until it was pretty dark. Dude, this guy. One-handed barefoot skiing.

    • As I was approaching, I thought Tom Hanks was announcing because if you close your eyes, you think this guy, Duke Hillinger, is Hanks. He even appeared in a movie with him. Duke is an action filmmaker and former competitive waterskier who kept us fascinated with all the details of the performances.

      He shot for AdrenalineTV and has some crazy clips like snowmobile racing on lakes:

    • Chris MacAskill

      The group is called Min-Acqua Bat, in the town of Minocqua. Parents in my town watch their kids play soccer. I guess if you have lakes everywhere, this is what you cheer your kids for.

    • They have a couple of 500 horsepower, nice-looking boats. I dunno how many HP it takes to pull 3 barefoot skiers. 😲

    • Um, this might be more fun than soccer? I thought maybe the youth would be a little bit bored here compared to California; no mountains, no ocean. I can't imagine how cool it would be to live on a lake and have a good boat.

    • I was wondering how they paid for all this, but people seemed to be generous with their donations as the kids with the buckets came around.

    • Thanks, Duke! That means a lot coming from you. Your skiers are fantastic.

      I was kicking myself for not bringing the faster camera and lens on the trip. I would have if I’d Known about your skiers.

      See you tomorrow night for round 2.