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    • you'd love the western side :)

      i always bring a north face down 0 degree bag, when it's as cold on a trip as yours, i'd wrap it with a bivy and be sleeping in my clothes most likely.

      dual purposing equipment is one of the best ways to shed weight, along with dropping heavy items ... i have a simple rule, each time i return i evaluate every item i didn't touch the entire trip and ask if its essential.

      from there i categorize by season, and sometimes i've been cold (not life threatening, but definitely miserable).

      as i've aged, i've become accustomed to bringing an extra jacket, but most times its a security blanket rather than a necessity.

      but as you well mention, it only takes one mistake to truly mess things up.

      really enjoyed your photos, jeff #happytrails

    • Beautiful photo. I absolutely love travel, and I am so excited for what Cake can do to help compartmentalize the travel discussions. Lots of possibilities here that don't exist in other social channels, and I can't wait to see where the conversation goes!