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    • Wow, this hike was incredible! I used to do such hikes through throughout the Northeast USA. When I say used to, I mean when I was younger, and had the time to spend a week at a time in the woods.

    • i trek out of lodgepole campground a lot, it is a hike out from there over panther pass, i usually head towards lion lake past tamarack, and on to triple divide peak.

      nice work on getting forester pass, thats a LOT of work due to the elevation, most people will never see that !

      yeah snow, lol nothing like a little walk through the park.

      but i'm certain you can lose at least 20 pounds off your pack and still be fine, the lost weight would mean the world in terms of lugging it over 13K+ peaks.

      my current gear list is about 21 pounds before food, i end up right around 28-30 pounds fully loaded, here's my gear list from a CO trip this year :

      nice photos, epic trip, gotta love SEKI in snowtember :)