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    • We listen to a lot of podcasts! In the office, during our commutes, when we exercise, etc. There are a lot to get through, but we are getting a clearer idea as we develop the type of podcasts we want to recommend. We have to reject a lot of podcasts outright because their production quality is poor or because they are just too long. Even for podcast-lovers a two hour episode is a big time commitment.

      As we are making our final selection for the newsletter we essentially run through a checklist for each of the podcasts the team puts forward to include in the newsletter: is the production quality high? Is it clear and accessible so that you really finish the episode better understanding the issue being discussed? Is it entertaining? While we want to educate our listeners on some very complex issues, we also want our subscribers to enjoy what they’re listening to! Finally, and most importantly, is it respectful of different points of view? We are committed to being non-partisan, but understand that many of the podcasts we choose do reflect a point of view. We’re fine with that providing they do so in a responsible way.