The story behind one of the Tony winners is pretty impressive.

Ms. Stroker, 31, made Broadway history recently when she was named best featured actress in a musical, becoming the first performer who uses a wheelchair to win a Tony.

She was only two years old when a car accident caused her paralysis from the waist down.

"When she was 7, a 12-year-old neighbor girl, Rachel Antonoff, returned from theater camp to declare that she was going to direct a backyard production of “Annie,” with Ms. Stroker as the star. And everything changed."

“When I got on stage, it was the first time that I felt powerful,” Ms. Stroker said.

“I was used to people staring at me, but they were staring at me because I was in a wheelchair. And when I was on stage, they were staring at me because I was the star.”

She is excited and proud to be a symbol and an inspiration, especially to children with disabilities.

"How do you think this award will affect what’s next for you?

I hope that it will open more doors. I hope to reach people and remind them that everything is impossible until it’s done."