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    • I believe depression is directly tied to loss of hope, which comes from loss of self-worth, loss of honor, loss of dignity. These issues are even more impactful to males, esp. males who live in rural areas, and impactful to all law enforcement and veteran communities. Communities such as law enforcement and service people / veterans are ultra masculine groups. I don't think of them as toxic masculine traits, but the whole ultra masculine culture of man-up, don't cry, don't express emotion, measure up, be-a-man, toughen up, etc. lead both males and females in those communities to strive for approval from the group. They bury their individuality to conform to the group expectations. Once they gain some approval they then seek acceptance. After that they hope for inclusion. If they feel disengaged with the group, their fallback is to isolate, self-medicate, not be a wimp and acknowledge their struggle, much less ask for help.