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    • I did not realize home test strips were so far along and looking good.

      The strips could be mass produced in a matter of weeks and freely supplied by the government to everyone in the country. The price per person would be from $1 to $5 a day, a considerable sum for the entire population, but remarkably cost effective.

      I would pay $1-5 for a daily strip just for peace of mind. The doctors keep saying the problem with saving patients with Covid is they come to the hospital too late.

    • I agree with you—I think at-home tests are a great idea! Even though it would not be fool-proof, it would be a good thing. (Yeesh, even the professional tests are not fool-proof.)

      But I think they are taking it a little too far when they say:

      Once they are provided to all, employers would likely require their workers to take time-dated pictures of their negative test results before coming to work. Colleges would require students to do the same before coming to class. Restaurants could accept reservations only if accompanied by negative-test pictures. In short, everyone will have an incentive to test themselves daily to participate fully in the economy and return to normal life.

      It doesn’t take the brain of a rocket scientist to figure out a way to cheat these tests. Obviously, the author of this article hasn’t thought that through very well. Employees would likely have to take the test in a controlled environment at the workplace and then wait 15 minutes for the results. Whether employers are going to be willing to front that cost is a big question.