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    • I was thinking about different reasons for humans to not want to have a relationship with an android even if it was self aware, showed empathy, had free will and so on. I thought that maybe not being able to have a child with an AI or android would be a deal breaker for many people but then I got to thinking if maybe it was actually possible to have a child with an android or would be in the future. So how would that work I asked myself? Well lets assume you knew what each gene in the human genome coded for and also the switches or regulatory mechanisms for gene expression... Why not have a computer make up a genetic code for the AI. Take the characteristics of the AI and have those 'translated' into DNA code. That code could then be made into a full genome (technology we already have today). Now input the genome for the human that wants to have a child with the AI and then use some random generator to come up with the genome for the baby. While we're at it we might as well create a better, stronger, faster human (ala Gattaca with reference to $6 Million Dollar Man).

      Now that's one way to create a child with an AI but what about a cyborg child? We'd first need some interface technology so the human parents DNA could connect with some aspects of the AI parent's characteristics. This would seem more like a clone of the parent with an interface of the AI that influences its behaviour. If the AI happened to be an android then we could put some code in for the child AI that matched the looks and bodily characteristics of the AI. Maybe androids won't be clones and each one will be a unique looking and acting individual. Lots of assumptions.

      What else could we do to create a child with an android or AI? How about uploading the human cognitive and behavioural traits into a computer or other cognitive substrate that would emulate if you will, the human person. Then we somehow mix the AI and human characteristics, abilities and so on in the new format whether it is an android or AI. The child need not be corporeal even. Imagine you had a child that had no body yet was sentient, empathetic, self aware and could learn. Hmmm, that child could potentially live for trillions of years. If so then would you allow it to grow it's mental capacities ad infinitum? If so then it'd eventually have no resemblance to its parent.

      So some possibilities are for the child to have a biological form, cyborg, solid state or maybe even cloud form. Cloud form would be interesting. Somehow the child has no permanent place for itself and is a disconnected yet connected assortment of 'programs' that float around the cloud or Internet and act as one being. Or maybe it isn't one being but some other thing.

      Any thoughts on this stuff? This is what I think of at 1:36am :)

    • Can anyone think of a movie or book that has a person who has a child with an AI or android? I can't think of one but there must be some examples of this.

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