Lou Malnati’s

So it was brought to my attention by @Victoria that this past Saturday was National Pizza Day! Good thing Sylvie and I had Lou Malnati’s. Lou Malnati’s is widely considered the best Chicago deep dish, although I suppose that depends on who you talk to. Let’s dig in!

Once again, we got mushrooms on the whole thing, with half spinach and half Italian sausage.

Sylvie: 3.5 (out of 5)
Keenan: 4
Take aways: We love cheese on pizza, and this one had cheese! I think it could of used a touch more of it though.

Sylvie: 4
Keenan: 4.5
Take aways: Sylvie and both liked how garlicky it was. This sauce was noticeably better than Pequod’s. Had a nice acidity, maybe a wine flavor in there. Stood out in a good way.

Sylvie: 5
Keenan: 3.5
Take aways: Sylvie loved the spinach mix they used. It seemed to have some herbs and garlic mixed in. For me, the sausage was very tasty but just not plentiful enough. I wanted more of it.

Sylvie: 3.5
Keenan: 3
Take aways: The crust held together well. It made it easy to pick up a piece and didn’t fall apart. But it didn’t seem particularly noteworthy in any way. Did the job, but nothing special.

Overall score: 31
Take aways: It was very good, and while there were some things I liked about Pequod’s better, the overall experience of Lou Malnati’s was a tad more flavorful, thanks to that sauce. Sylvie thoroughly enjoyed her experience as well. So far, Lou Malnati’s is in the lead by 1 point over Pequod’s!