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    • Please show us your best Black and White photos of the week. If there is a story behind the shots, please tell us.

      What gear and camera settings did you use?

      We want everyone to learn and provide a constructive critique. The photo with most comments and reactions will be featured as a cover in next week's Wednesday Black and White Photography Challenge.

      Here is my Black and White entry: Up in the Sky

      Paragliding in the Swiss Alps over the Interlaken is one thing I wish I did when visiting Switzerland. We ran out of time to do it all, but at least I got a shot of one paraglider with a passenger landing in a grassy field. I bet the views were spectacular with stormy clouds breaking up the light.

      Editing: Basic adjustments of exposure and contrast in Lightroom.

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f2, 1/8000, ISO 100

    • Taken at Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, NC. A great place to see a full range of the history of various American Made motorcycles. The museum is quite dimly lit, so a fast lens really helps to get the detail your eyes are seeing

      Sony a6300

      Sigma 30mm F1.4

      Focal Length 30.0 mm, f/2, 1/125, ISO1600

    • To keep us motivated for school, My father used to tell his life story of early days how he used to walk to his school along a railway track, and how his persistence led him to Colorado for his PhD. One day when i was visiting his birth place i decided to walk through same route with my camera.

      Camera: Canon 5DmkII, 70-200 at 200mm iso125 can't remember it was Photoshop or lightroom, taken in 2012

    • Mushroom shot from Last Saturday, Taken with a Canon 60D, two off camera speedlites, 100mm f2,8 L Macro lens with a 6ND filter, 1/200 sec F11 ISO 100. Processed in lightroom, then Photoshop to focus stack then Topaz impressions then back into lightroom to bring the mushroom back from the original image then back through lightroom for the black and white treatment.

    • I’m curious, what is the effect of the 6ND filter when shooting at 1/200? I’m familiar with the use of it to lower speeds so you can blur moving objects, or intensify colours, but not sure what the benefit is here. Does it have something to do with the flashes?

      Many of your pictures have nice soft dreamlike backgrounds. Is that an editing effect or a blur created by use of an ND filter in a breeze?

    • The overall effect of using a neutral density filter is to reduce light coming into the lens. You need to compensate for that decrease, so you can increase how long the shutter is open, like you said. But you can also leave the shutter speed unchanged and open up the aperture. My guess is that he wanted to keep his lens wide open for a shallow depth of field and better bokeh.

    • While exploring the historic streets of Lucerne, Switzerland, we saw a small wedding gathering. It was starting to rain, and the couple was eager to jump in the car. You can see the raindrops all over the body of the vehicle that looks like noise but isn't.

      Editing: Lightroom adjustments of exposure, contrast and clarity boost for the texture.

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f1.4, 1/250, ISO 100

    • From the Seattle Pike Place Market, September 2019.

      A fish market staffer prepares to toss a fish across the room to another staffer. It's one of those things they like to do in Seattle. Photographed as part of my Seattle Photowalk series.

      Sony RX10-IV

      80th of a second at f4.

    • @Apocryphal the main reason for the ND filter is the Flash triggers I use don't allow high speed sync so I'm limited to a max of 250 Sec, to get the dark and moody shots I seem to like I need to get darker, ISO is already at the lowest ISO 100 If I bring the Aperture any lower the sharpness starts to drop off a fraction and you also lose control of the shallow depth of field as was mentioned, so the ND filter helps cut down the light. The background effect of the dream light feel is from the Topaz Impressions processing I apply then mask back in the main subject be it Bird, flower or Mushroom. Hope that helps.