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    • I first became aware of how concrete could affect the environment when I was in my early 20's and was reading about Biosphere 2. Apparently the concrete had affected the air composition within the sealed biosphere and led to a shut down of the experiment because oxygen levels were getting too low. I can't remember the exact role the concrete played in this but ever since then I've been curious about the affects of concrete on the environment. Concrete technologies of various kinds are huge business.

    • After reading about the sand problem above I am even more aware of concrete and the environment. Never really thought about sand or concrete before but I hoping nations will get involved and technology will help.

    • Trees are our most GREEN choice for a building material- They grow by Solar Energy, Water, Nutrients in the soil: Are self replicating, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere during their growing cycle all based on bio-nano technology-photosynthesis and the miracle of the Cell-

      Sustainable harvesting and use of this resource contributes to the health of the forests, more forested land, the health of our atmosphere and a more beautiful environment that’s healthy and Green-

    • There are applications where wood fiber (roads - very large structures) is not feasible. With that said ‘Mass Timber’ is competing with concrete in high rise construction. Keep an eye on this as it grows.

      The housing stock in the US (many places globally too) is under built-

      We need more residential units, and building with as much wood fiber as possible is our best and most green choice.

    • Oh, I am not familiar with Mass Timber. I will check that out. I agree we need more residential units, especially small footprint ones. And I agree with your last sentence there.