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    • As homeowners we are facing the need to do some repairs to our dwelling. I found this article very useful.

      We had good luck asking the realtor who sold us our home who we should get to fix a roof problem in the past. So we had the same crew come back a few years later to fix a new problem. Again, very successfully. We have used a combination of NextDoor, neighbors, and friends to give us recommendations for other workers to help. And I believe in giving back so I have referred lots of great workers to folks who are searching.

      I saw a great tip in the Comments on that article.... when you sell a home include a list of service people to give to the new owners. Same goes for buying a home, maybe you can ask seller for that list.

      Another tip from the Comments.... check out YouTube videos to see how complicated the job is. Gives you a better idea about how much it might cost. Might even motivate you to try taking care of it yourself!

    • I had major leak damage from the long snowy winter of 2015 here in the Boston area. When I looked to repair the damage I was hoping to use the same crew to re-do my master bathroom. I was pretty nervous about finding a good contractor so I asked my home insurer for a recommendation. It turned out they have a network of contractors that they work with.

      I requested a referral and then had to wait for one of the contractors to free up for my project. I was delighted with the project / design lead assigned to me and with the quality and speed of the work.