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    • Geoff (Bonebag on ADVrider) and Brit (Britbag) were married September 1st, a few weeks after the 11th CADVR rally, at a beautiful riverside setting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
      The ceremony was conducted by Geoff's mom (Dolly Cook) who is the County Clerk for Dickinson County, MI. She needs a lung transplant and uses oxygen sometimes (a few times on the day) but she did a wonderful job conducting the service while standing in the hot sun. 

      Brad (Northwoods Yeti on ADV) was the best man. He and Geoff have been best of friends and riding buddies forever, well before CADVR started. He is the size of a yeti and had to have a custom suit made to match the bridal party.

      Perhaps 40 great friends from the CADVR rally were able to attend the rally. I wish I could have traveled from California to be there.

    • Thanks! I actually just posted the link to the photos in the body of the message, and our new link expansion feature did the work. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, you only get one link expansion per post, but we decided to allow many. And you get to preview them before you post to see what they look like.

      Personally, I don't like the way the text with the image number looks below them but we're refining as we go, so we'll see.

    • Man, after seeing your reports from rallies you've been to...I really need to get to some rallies. They look insanely fun. Thanks for sharing!