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    • Folding phones are definitely one of the hottest topics of 2019. With Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei's Mate X utilising a folding display to turn a smartphone into a tablet, Motorola is taking a different approach - using a folding display to create a smartphone in a clamshell form factor. And you know what? It looks incredibly cool.

      One of the most impressive aspects of this device which showcases Motorola's engineering prowess is the fact that the display is actually flat when the phone is open, i.e., there's no visible crease, which has been a common criticism of the Galaxy Fold.

      Some people are critical of the device, pointing out the fact that it has an old processor, a tiny battery, and it will launch with Android Pie (Android 9) despite launching in January 2020, exclusively on Verizon, for $1500. All very fair criticisms, but c'mon. Motorola built a modern smartphone in a clamshell design! How is that not impressive!?

      I'm not saying this phone will turn Motorola's fortunes around, or that the average consumer should buy this phone, but it is probably a much more realistic vision for the future of smartphones than the Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X. Nobody else has been able to accomplish what Motorola has, and that is what I think this phone should be remembered for.

      What do you think? Can anybody else replicate what Motorola has with the new RAZR? Is this form factor a more feasible and practical approach to folding displays? With Motorola jumping on board the foldable display bandwagon, do you think this truly is the future of smartphones? And if you are on Verizon and have the money to spare, would you pick one up for yourself?

    • That's pretty neat! I came to like my Moto Z3 play for the specific accessories - motomods, battery unit that seamlessly doubles usage life, camera, projector or a better speaker.

      I like their approach to practical design, and think the folding unit will be successful. It's going to save space, hopefully will have decent battery, and not least will bring back for some the cool factor of flipping the phone open.

    • The funny thing is I saw Marques Brownlee mention that he was going to the Motorola flip phone event and my only thought was: why? But after reading your post and watching the videos I got excited and found myself actually wanting one.

      So I checked what Marques had to say — he’s always my goto — and he’s super excited, seems to think it’s the best phone tech of 2019. This time I have to say, though, the video you posted from Android Central had more insights in half the time as Marques.

      I would love to have some hands-on time with this phone. 👏

    • Obviously I am $799 biased...but, actual folding screens seemed doomed to fail. A single screen is already a problem. Two weeks later with my LG dual screen is turning out perfect for me....I was meeting with a new client a couple of days ago...on the left side I had already pulled up their website and the right side I had a PDF of items for us to discuss on the right side. No one said anything but I could see their phone envy. hahahahahh

    • This time I have to say, though, the video you posted from Android Central had more insights in half the time as Marques.

      I've lost interest in MKBHD to be honest. Most of his videos are as you said, not as insightful as some others, but very high on the production value. He along with a bunch of other YouTubers seem to focus more on cinematics than the actual content of the videos. Most of the time shorter videos are just as insightful (or better) without needing to be twice as long.

    • I like it. Would definitely love to play with it, but I don't see it replacing my S10. Yet. On pure spec sheet comparison. But, a next generation, with a more competitive price and spec, well, it could be a winner.

      Of course, remains to be seen how durable the folding actually is.