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    • Seems more of a contrived interview. Why would he not have done that in the first place If it was important (rather than avoiding the whole thing)? Or his comments about Congress-how he wants to make sure the right people to answer the questions are there. Congress didn’t ask for the “right” people, they asked for him and he didn’t show.

      You can chalk it up to naiveté. And yes, the company’s explosive growth has probably made a lot of things difficult to keep track of but I think he’s been more calculated in his decision making. Whether that’s his own decision or those of the folks he trusts, I cannot say since I don’t know him other than what’s been written about some of his personal decisions over the years.

    • Huh. Until that interview, there were a lot of questions about where Sheryl and Zuck were. They were missing from an all-hands meeting, they were publicly mute. Then comes the Alex Stamos deleted tweets and unclear walkbacks about whether he's leaving and has a fraught relationship with Sheryl.

      Then The New York Times took a rare swipe at Sheryl for not wanting to be open and then zapped that paragraph and then seemingly replaced it with another, later. Here's the newsdiff: