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    • Triumph Scrambler XE.

      Not only ADV bike, it may have just become my all-time favourite motorcycle of the several hundreds I've tested and written about. There are faster bikes, there are bikes that are better at different things. But this machine is totally ... me.

      Essence, with top shelf everything.

      Ride reports to follow.

    • Can’t wait to read your review. I’m at an ADV rally and I really miss seeing bikes like that. I like the KTMs and Husqvarnas but they miss the retro coolness of the Triumphs I love so much.

      This was my ride yesterday. Awesome to ride but boring to behold.

    • I've been lusting after one since they came out, alas, at 5' 7" I suspect it's a pipe dream. For the time being I'll struggle through with my old Bonneville and suffer with no ground clearance.....or suspension....or EFI.....and on and on. Looking forward to your report.

    • Yes it’s unfortunate (for some) that the byproduct of the exceptionally long travel suspension is elevated saddle height. I think you need to be around about 6‘2“ to be able to flatfoot the XE. The XC model is a little bit shorter because it doesn’t have such huge suspension travel but I still think it’s a 6 foot plus job.

      For long Legged folks like me and Chris it’s fantastic. There aren’t that many bikes off the shop floor that suit a tall guy any more.

    • Finally got a chance to watch the video. Fantastic riding & footage. He looked like he was riding on the edge but that’s how you place so high, right?

    • some guys (racers) have that internal switch they can turn off and nothing is off limits, and fear doesn't even come into it. My brainis constantly calculating a risk assessment and longevity, I couldn't be a racer, plus I'd want to stop and take photos

    • at 5' 7" I suspect it's a pipe dream.

      I rode few times my Guzzi Stelvio (32 inch seat) in places I should have not, not quite like the one in your picture, but with sections like that. I have 30" inseam, which means I need to rely on skidding skills to balance the bike, no way I can help a fall with a foot down (the beast is near 700 lbs anyway). . . So I try and avoid that scenario, as opposed to others who I guess would rather seek it, on a similar bike. Every motorcyclist has their reasons to ride how and where they do, at a given time. My lesson has been that skill and control are my allies, and I try and make do where others would simply paddle walk it. Not ashamed to dismount and actually walk it, in first gear, if it gets hairy. Of course we are not talking competition here, but unless I planned to ride on purpose in difficult conditions, I would not let that deter me from getting any bike I ever wanted.