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    • Personally, I enjoy exploring new things like this, just to see how they work - I'm an experiential learner.

      For example, I bought some Bitcoin and Ether a half-dozen years ago just to see what it was all about, which helped me develop some very definite opinions about cryptocurrencies. (I'll post those separately when I get around to it.)

      Similarly I opened a Lending Club account to see how crowdsourced lending worked, not because I relish making 3.5% as a subprime lender. (They have an amazing site for lenders, by the way, with a huge amount of data that would satiate any data junkie.)

      So I'm happy to participate in Pi's Pavlovian MLM experiment just to see what it's about.

    • As I speculated, Pi stops accumulating / mining when your 24 hour period expires. Tapping the button restarts the accumulation, so presumably if you're offline, sick or in jail for a few days, tapping will restart the process.