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    • One the first question... I couldn't find any additional information about the required daily check in on their website. So I'll check in for the first few days and then try delaying my check ins to see what happens. That won't be too hard since my phone's on silent most of the day anyway. I'm more of an iPad / laptop / desktop / email kind of guy than a text messaging guy.

      The app displays a running total of your mined Pi and seems to increase every 2-3 seconds. I've earned 5.7141 Pi so far in less than a full day. My guess is it stops mining after 24 hours until you tap the check in button to resume mining. That's how I'd program the feature - I'm a software engineer - but I would only be speculating. I'll know more later today.

      In any event, what better way to keep you engaged than sending you a text message each day requiring you to tap a simple button. You'll never forget about Pi.

      On the third question... The app did not ask my permission to send any other information than my name and phone number. I checked the permissions settings in my iPhone and there are no additional permissions beyond the usual Siri and Badges & Sounds permissions, and Background Refresh which I believe they need to keep the app mining Pi even when the app is closed.

      They do limit you to one account per person, which I think they define as phone number. So if you have a bunch of phones, presumably you could create multiple accounts and mine more Pi.

      I'll post an update as I discover more, especially

    • Ok, now, I am beginning to get interested

      If you don't press the button, you fail to continue to aquire Pi, but apparently don't lose what you have already aquired. That seems more interesting. So, if you miss your button punching, are you just behind one day if you resume punching for the following days after your missed day? Or has your account just closed at the final value the day you last punched the button?

      A text message to remind you to punch each day - that seems really important to the Pi people for some reason - that can't be entirely free for them to text large numbers of folks in various countries of the world, I would suspect. I wonder where the money comes from?

      So as far as you can determine, there is no sleight of hand grabbing your location data or your contacts lists, or your photos or whatever. This may be easier to be certain about on an iPhone with its more explicit permissions lists, but I haven't used an Android phone since the iPhone was released, so I am not current in that world.

      Thank you once again for your informative, and courteous answers to my pestering questions. 🙂

      I might decide to sign up - still pondering and looking about.

      I have read the white paper and understand some parts of it -

      A new question - how many members are there currently?

      I did not see this answered in their FAQ. But once they hit 5 million the governance shifts via a Provisional committee to a Constitutional Convention, so some things are destined to change at some time in the future and I am trying to discern how close that future is. Perhaps very close, as I seem to notice that this network opened in March of 2019, but I can't seem to find that date again when I go looking for it.

      I see from Google the membership passed one million in 2019 - so maybe the change in Governance has already occurred. Or will soon. Some discussion of numbers and values here

    • Personally, I enjoy exploring new things like this, just to see how they work - I'm an experiential learner.

      For example, I bought some Bitcoin and Ether a half-dozen years ago just to see what it was all about, which helped me develop some very definite opinions about cryptocurrencies. (I'll post those separately when I get around to it.)

      Similarly I opened a Lending Club account to see how crowdsourced lending worked, not because I relish making 3.5% as a subprime lender. (They have an amazing site for lenders, by the way, with a huge amount of data that would satiate any data junkie.)

      So I'm happy to participate in Pi's Pavlovian MLM experiment just to see what it's about.

    • As I speculated, Pi stops accumulating / mining when your 24 hour period expires. Tapping the button restarts the accumulation, so presumably if you're offline, sick or in jail for a few days, tapping will restart the process.