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    • So to add another reason to travel, - it's the realization how artificial borders and assumed differences between people are.

      I love this reason, you're so right.

      I think I'm a bit of 'all-of-the-above'. It's cliche, but I think it's always about a bit of soul-searching for me; feeding a need to discover the nuances of different cultures and lifestyles.

      There's a quote that goes something like:

      “I urge you to travel. As far and as much as possible. Work ridiculous shifts to save your money. Go without the latest iPhone. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Find out how other people live and realize that the world is a much bigger place than the town you live in. And when you come home, home may still be the same. And yes, you may go back to the same old job, but something in you will have changed. And trust me, that changes everything.”

      It's a little hackneyed, but I love the last part--I really feel that when I come home from travelling.

      There's probably a bit of 'fear of missing out' involved too. I wish I had the time and freedom to see every part of the world.

    • That photo gives me butterflies, makes me wish I was there.

      You never forget your first trip to Paris or Belize or Iceland. It's something you tell stories about to your friends. The time you saw your first armadillo in the wild. What it's like to eat at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. Can you believe you're actually in it after seeing so many pictures of it growing up? What howler monkeys sound like. The AMAZING ruins you saw in Belize. How did they build that? How many people lived there?

    • Traveling creates empathy. Whether I'm traveling locally or going abroad it's a way to recognize the humanity and the light of our fellow man. Makes people less abstract and more real. If we can't speak the language and have no social capital where we are visiting then it forces us to be vulnerable in ways we might not usually allow. It removes mental clutter, too. I feel more focused after a voyage and clearer on what really matters.