Last of Eurovision 2019.

Eurovision - The big five, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Israel the host country are already assured a place in the final and don’t need to go through the semi final process.

We had no time on the actual Saturday so we woke up on our Eurovision final Sunday after a late night, and Rob prepared a stack of pancakes and bacon with Outback Pride’s Desert Passion Syrup. Delicious and a great Eurovision breakfast. We grabbed our coffee and settled in and watched the show. I won’t repeat the songs we’ve already covered, though. We managed to remain completely unspoiled.


S!sters sing “Sister” in English.

First of the representatives of the 6 countries assured of a place – their postcard finds them on a row-boat on the Sea of Galilee and what fun they had there! One sister has a lucky catch on her fishing line, but it’s stolen by something mischievous from under the boat. When a bunch of legs erupt energetically from the surface of the water the fun has just begun! 10/10 PostMark from Leece.

I kind of wish that the fun could have remained for their actual entry. Sister was sung with a great deal of passion and fire, and some darkness. Where Juliana Hatfield’s My Sister song leaves us with a certain darkness, Sisters travels through darkness, and leaves us triumphant. There’s still a certain minor feel to it. A vote from me.


Kobi Marimi sings “Home” in English

Kobi Marimi looks out of the great city of Jerusalem and presses the “Summon Dancer” button in the air. A lovely dancer appears and they immediately begin to to Tango enthusiastically throughout the ancient city. In complete tune with his dancer the passion shows throughout! 10/10 from Leece’s PostMark.

His song is very impressive, impassioned, operatic and golden voiced. Quite restrained and tasteful fireworks for Eurovision. He is visibly overcome by emotion at the end.

United Kingdom

Michael Rice sings Bigger Than Us in English

Postcard from Haifa at the Bahai Gardens. I really liked this postcard because Michael really does seem to have been infected by the wonder of the moment. While he doesn’t seem to want to move a great deal with the dancers, and the entire thing is slowly paced and graceful, what moves he does do are well executed and likewise graceful. The Bahai Gardens are breathtaking. 9/10. Would’ve been 10/10 Postmark from Leece if Michael danced more.

The song entry starts slowly, and then gets catchy in the chorus. It sort of sounds like your typical boyband song. Without the band. Harmless fare. His voice sounds very youthful, but like it will develop well. I hope he’s still singing in 10 years time and we see how he sounds then.


Bilal Hassani sings “Roi” in French and English

Postcard from the Museum of Art in Tel Aviv. Bilal wanders into the Museum of Art, checks out some paintings but then presses the fateful button. All these dancers appear and Bilal joins with them in exuberant and impassioned choreography which was a super watch. 10/10 Leece’s PostMark

As for the song, well, ahem, reviewers don’t cry. BUT IF THEY DID I would’ve. The visual aspect of this performance is not one to be missed. The dancers were a joy to watch and their intimate touches with Bilal made for heartwarming screen. Powerful stuff. Vote from me.


Mahmood sings “Soldi” in Italian, with one line in Arabic

Mahmood’s postcard from Israel brings us to the port of Ashdod where his dancers fling themselves over shipping containers. Yes, Mahmood it is all about you, but can’t you do anything but give us the occasional handclap? Rattling a stick along a container doesn’t count. 3/10 PostMark, but the dancers get 10/10, you did wonderfully and deserve someone who actually wants to play with you.

The shirt that Mahmood wears for the song is pretty cool. The chorus is pretty catchy and the clapping infectious.


Miki sings “La Venda” in Spanish

Well, what can you say for Miki’s postcard – he’s at Haifa and it’s all about football, apparently. He cheerfully chases after a black and white dodecahedron with his dancing partners in crime, who he’s in complete simpatico with. 10/10, despite my disinterest in footy of any kind. Well done fellas.

Well, I was just rewatching the video replay, and just had to keep listening! I don’t speak Spanish or Italian but this one, with its exuberance, with its bounciness throughout did it for me where Italy’s didn’t. Add to this bright colours, a generally upbeat feel and a giant freaking puppet shaking the house the dancers were in! Could have done with a lot more giant puppet, but I guess Miki needed to be not upstaged toooo much. Thoroughly enjoyable. Would’ve got my vote.

And that's it - my first Eurovision. I hope you've enjoyed it!

We know who has won by now. Comments are open, people from other countries please feel free let me know what *you* thought of Australia's performance seeing as I've cut loose on perhaps beloved artists of yours. But, yeah, I think it's actually more about the postcards for me. I hope they have dancing in the postcards in future Eurovisions.

Signing off until next(?) time! #eurovision #eurovision2019