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    • I got an invite for the first ride press event and I'm pretty stoked but intense off-road riding for two days with young, aggressive bucks has the butterflies a-fluttering. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€©πŸ€”

      I gonna do a YouTube review of the whole shebang. What do you think about Harley's foray into adventure bikes?

    • When Harley first started talking about this bike two or three years ago I was very skeptical. Then in late 2018 I purchased a Sport Glide (after years of owning over 60 non-Harley's) and discovered that I enjoyed it far more than expected. Now that the production version of the Pan American is finalized and actual specfications have been published, it looks, on paper, to be a competetive entry into the Adventure Bike universe. I suspect you'll really enjoy riding it and find lots to like. Looking forward to your report!

    • As a first crack at a new market niche I think it's a good effort, obviously aimed at the GS / Multistrada end of the market.

    • Jealous. Our launch is 'April/May/TBA'.

      I've had a sit on a Pre-Production model. Its importance to the Moto-co can't be underestimated. Looks real good to me.

    • As for getting butterfiles ... DON'T drop this one :-P

      You'll be fine. You are the taget market. If there's shite you don't want to do - just don't do it. You're the client.

      Anyway - most bike journos are afeared of dirt. There's only a few of us that covet it.

    • Hahaha, that's one reason for posting here. I got an invite but Harley didn't invite anyone else from ADV...

      Speaking of Harley, I am going to interview the co-founder of EagleRider, Chris McIntyre, on April 1 and I was thinking of taking a day to try out the service before then, maybe this week Thursday. They have an office in SF, and I can do a day ride out to Pt. Reyes.

      Question is, what bike to rent? I may have my wife with me, so it has to be comfortable 2-up for 5 hours of riding. I would normally get an adventure bike like a Triumph Tiger or BMW GS, but I'm thinking I'd better spend some time on a Harley prior to the launch day.

      So, one of these? We're gonna be on twisty, sporty roads. Could use saddlebags. So Softail Classic?

    • For two-up I'd choose a Road King, or if not available a Street Glide. The King might fit a tall, long legged rider a bit better than the Heritage Classic and offers better pillion accomodations. It also sits a bit higher with better cornering clearance.

    • ^ What he said.

      If I was going to buy a H-D it would be a Road King Classic.

      They should have the 'extended reach' saddle and a taller screen available for it too. Personally I prefer it without a windscreen. (Any bike.)

      Do not get a Street Glide without getting a taller screen. For our height, riding one any distance with the stock screen is an exercise in misery. Taller job and all good.

    • I have used Eagle Rider many times. LA, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, are few locations I recall using. Awesome franchise, perfect for someone short on vacation time, or just looking to try out some motorcycle models. Sometimes they offer a 'deal' if they need to move a motorcyle across country, it'd rent out at a real good price to someone looking for such one way journey.

    • I love to ride offroad with smaller motorcycles β€” 500cc maybe β€” but this is a beast, a 1250. Less fun, more worrisome. I did a press event like this in Morocco last year on Tiger 900s and they were pretty good, but still big. The riders I was trying to hang with were like the European Enduro Champion and oh my God can they ride.

      Last year in Wisconsin on a KTM 500 was a blast.

    • Pokes his head out and looks at Chris....


      Have fun, and be safe. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it!

    • So we spent a day on the Heritage Softail in the beautiful clear skies and twisties north of San Fran. The finishes are incredibly great, more than on any motorcycle I’ve ever been on. I guess I had actually spent two hours on a chopped 1940 flathead way back, but had forgotten.

      I had to get used to a new foot position but I was very comfortable all day. One thing is since it scrapes in corners so very easily, especially in the left, I learned to just chill, slow down and enjoy the day.

      The engine really loves the low RPMs and didn’t seem to notice even the steepest SF hills.

      My poor wife was uncomfortable though so she spent the day squirming on the back and taking walking breaks. When we returned it, she eyed the other more comfortable-looking harleys and asked why we didn’t rent one of those.

    • When you make the video I'm sure you'll probably comment on this but the controls are something I'm really curious about. The thing that felt so off about the Livewire I got to ride (one of the early ones years ago when they were doing a tour with em) was that that the levers and controls felt like Harley ones. And I get that if they're trying to get their core audience over but on what otherwise was a nice more standard-ish bike it felt off. And it would on an ADV as well to me so I hope they go with something more standard for this class of bikes.

    • When we returned it, she eyed the other more comfortable-looking harleys and asked we didn't follow the advice of the people who know.

      Fixed that for ya. :-P

    • I just got an invite to the Australian Press launch - and unfortunately I declined it.

      It's interstate (Kangaroo Valley, NSW - beautiful part of the world) but the way the borders can close here due to Covid it's just not worth the risk.

      I requested a bike to be sent here to Qld instead. Which they will - after the Press event.

      And partly I've done enough launches to be a bit over that bit of the gig. The glamour has kinda worn off after 20 years.

      That said - if not for Covid I would be all over it. Hangin' for a ride on this machine.