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    • I went to see Apollo 11 tonight on the huge IMAX screen. It's an amazing film, one of the very best I've ever seen. The audience gasped, clapped, and stayed for every credit. As we walked through the parking lot to our cars, we were all in awe talking about it.

      First of all, the National Archives miraculously had a lot of reels of 70mm film that they never had the resources to catalog or digitize. It's incredible footage that no one had ever seen. When the film opens showing the Saturn V rocket on its way to the launchpad, you just have to gasp. It looks like it was shot by Lucas for an episode of Star Wars.

      For anyone interested, here's the backstory about the found footage:

      The film is entirely created from archival footage and audio, much of it never heard or seen before.

      I've read that the moon program faced poor public support before the mission succeeded and I really don't know if the money could have been better spent on other things, but damn the fact that they could pull that off in 1969 before HP invented the calculator. Chills. That's what I had the entire movie.

      Btw, they reported that Neil Armstrong's pulse when he landed on the moon was 159. Mine was 159 watching him land it in the movie and I knew how the story ended.

    • A few that are on my To Watch list are:

      Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa?, which was funded via Kickstarter and Alex Winters of Bill & Ted Fame. While this one doesn't have an exact release date, it looks absolutely fascinating to see what is unearthed in Frank's vaults and to hear of his exploits.

      Ask Dr. Ruth is the story of the woman who introduced Sex to the public lexicon. A Holocaust survivor, she lived to raise public consciousness of a healthy sexuality and still gives advice at the age of 90. A truly inspiring woman.

      Lorena Bobbitt is widely known for her travails from the 90's. As a child of the late 80's & 90's, I recall the headlines but not the results. This was an interesting way to revisit that story and shed light on the pattern of abuse that Lorena lived through. The series does a good job of leading you to believe one person is the victim, only to show later on who the real victim was. Quite well done.

      Wild Wild Country remains one of the best docu-series I've seen to date. Each episode grips you from the get go and leaves you wondering how it could get crazier, then does. Their archival is insane, as you wonder how they got access to the footage. When telling people they need to watch the show, I usually tell them that this cult brought about the first case of bio-terrorism in the US. Highly recommended.

      Our Planet is a new David Attenborough narrated docu-series. Do you like Slow Motion Animals? Check. Wonderous music? We got that too. David Attenborough's thoroughly enchanting voice? Checkerino. Much like the other Attenborough series, this one will likely soothe your nerves on a blustery Spring day.

    • I don't know how I'll ever be able to keep up with your suggestions, itipmyhattoyou. That Lorena Bobbitt doc is 4 episodes, 4 hours. Every now and then I get sucked into a long one like Making a Murderer (I stayed up all night binge watching season 1).

      Not long ago we were talking about how millennials wanted shorter content and TV was dying. Oh my God it went exactly the other way, no?

      Btw, the Lorena Bobbitt doc didn't seem like my thing, too much daytime soap for me, but I played the first few minutes to get an impression and whoa do they draw you in fast. The first mystery is how did they find his penis and it keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch the detectives try to figure it out.

    • One of my favourite documentary.

      It is one of humankind's greatest achievements. More than 12 billion miles away a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space - the first human-made object ever to do so. Slowly dying within its heart is a nuclear generator that will beat for perhaps another decade before the lights on Voyager finally go out. But this little craft will travel on for millions of years, carrying a Golden Record bearing recordings and images of life on Earth. In all likelihood Voyager will outlive humanity.

    • Hahaha. Thankfully it's not a competition. I used to have an app to keep track of all of the shows I was watching/waiting for the new season. (The app is called TV Addict.) I had some 200 shows I was watching. Since getting married, it has dropped significantly. I think I've always been someone who kept both eyes on Pop Culture and Cinema. It comes from working at a Video Store where I was allowed to watch non-stop movies and eventually watched everything they had and would then go to the Library to find more movies to watch. It was a film education, for sure, before going to film school.

    • Drug$ (2018)

      Documentary on one of the controversial topic. Unpacks the mystery of modern medicine's skyrocketing price tag and how it affects the people struggling to stay alive.

    • Speaking of Elizabeth Holmes, have you listened to the podcast, The Dropout? All about her and Theranos. Very interesting. I will definitely want to see the documentary.

    • Here's one that comes out tonight on HBO. I don't know why I'm so drawn to documentaries like this one that involve trials, but I must watch.

    • Okay, I watched episode 1. For HBO, you have to wait a week for each new episode.

      It reminds me of my favorite documentary, The Thin Blue Line. It's so crazy that when you have someone who knows he's innocent, he doesn't try hard on his trial. I don't know why I watch these; they are so painful for everyone involved and who knows if we incarcerate the right person? The prosecutors are elected, so they need to deliver convictions to the public, the victim's family demands justice, but what if you just don't know?

    • This is one of the best documentaries I've ever watched and perfect for right now:

      Deeyah Kahn is a Muslim woman who grew up in Norway and faced the anti-immigration sentiment there. She took her camera to the darkest corners of the alt right and met them, interviewed them, listened with respect, and I think came away understanding them.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I watched this last night and oh my God, I can’t imagine how they made it. It was extremely impressive and soul-destroying.

      So I guess if you want to be bombarded with propaganda, just be in a sing state and let on that you are an undecided voter.

    • As an individual, our choices in society are getting narrower by the day. Either be a data production and consumption citizen, or disconnect from the "world". The fact that they didn't obey court order to give the man his data collected on him says allot (everything).