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    • A few that are on my To Watch list are:

      Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa?, which was funded via Kickstarter and Alex Winters of Bill & Ted Fame. While this one doesn't have an exact release date, it looks absolutely fascinating to see what is unearthed in Frank's vaults and to hear of his exploits.

      Ask Dr. Ruth is the story of the woman who introduced Sex to the public lexicon. A Holocaust survivor, she lived to raise public consciousness of a healthy sexuality and still gives advice at the age of 90. A truly inspiring woman.

      Lorena Bobbitt is widely known for her travails from the 90's. As a child of the late 80's & 90's, I recall the headlines but not the results. This was an interesting way to revisit that story and shed light on the pattern of abuse that Lorena lived through. The series does a good job of leading you to believe one person is the victim, only to show later on who the real victim was. Quite well done.

      Wild Wild Country remains one of the best docu-series I've seen to date. Each episode grips you from the get go and leaves you wondering how it could get crazier, then does. Their archival is insane, as you wonder how they got access to the footage. When telling people they need to watch the show, I usually tell them that this cult brought about the first case of bio-terrorism in the US. Highly recommended.

      Our Planet is a new David Attenborough narrated docu-series. Do you like Slow Motion Animals? Check. Wonderous music? We got that too. David Attenborough's thoroughly enchanting voice? Checkerino. Much like the other Attenborough series, this one will likely soothe your nerves on a blustery Spring day.