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    • The back story -

      I ride a motorcycle RTW and have limited space for camera gear, really limited. I saw that Tamron just came out with a 18-400 lens, but not for sony emount!

      So the question is this, I have a Sony 18-200 lens already as my go to lens for all round grab and go shots, from my tank bag. To extend the cameras range what would you do, keeping in mind I can't double up on lens. Add a 2x converter from Sony to increase my range - OR - get a Canon to Sony converter to be able to use the new Tamron Glass?

    • This one will possible depend what you’re going to do with your images when you are finished are you looking to print them large or only view them on screens etc, Tele converters / Extenders Particularly the 2X are traditionally not as shape as 1.4 and certainly not as sharp as non-extended glass. If we're only talking of viewing on a screen then the converter option would be fine, I'm not familiar with the Sony 2x so it may be great. But in general, any extender usually has some image derogation to it compared to an unextended lens. The extender with the smaller lens will certainly be better and lighter for travel, whereas the adaptor and the Tamron lens would most likely give superior image quality the question is by how much and would you notice it.  See if you can take a memory card to the local camera store and take a few test shots with both combinations and see if you can pick the difference later on at home. Then also consider what the final output of the work will be , social media and screens or large prints. Just reviewing the test shots may answer your question for you. Good luck.

    • I'd look into how the Tamron performs with adapters but in general I'd avoid the 2x teleconverter. Wide open the Sony would be an F13 lens at the long end which you'll start to run into all sorts of issues with AF and even diffraction hurting the sharpness.

    • do you have the 1.4? if you do interested to see a comparison shot with and without.

      Most of my workis to be used digitally, mags, forums etc, rarely is it for print anymore, but if i know it is I shoot differently

    • I agree, I generally think of 2X extenders for good fast aperture primes, not for small variable aperture zooms.

      I have not tried the Tamron 18-400, but in the Canon mount it is of some real interest to me. I own and use the Tamron 16-300 zoom and use it quite a bit on my 80D