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    • Raspberry Pi just announced a new $50 camera module powered by a Sony IMX477 sensor. It can use interchangeable C and CS-mount lenses with adjustable back focus. However, it only works while connected directly to the Raspberry Pi computers.

      Here is an official announcement of the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Module.

      While I don't see how it can be practical or possible to carry it around, I can imagine interesting creative uses for it like a webcam with custom lenses, or a macro photography home cam.

      I'm not an expert in Raspberry Pi nor a camera hacker, so I would love to hear your ideas and uses for this novel product.

      Raspberry Pi 4 computer module costs another $35, USB-C power supply is another $8 and a case another $5. So for under $100 you get yourself a computer and a camera.

      Would you try this camera module?

      I'm not recommending trying this setup at home, but it may spark creative ideas:

    • My Niece is studying design and tech at University and a number of her projects are Pi based.

      As a learning tool its a brilliant concept. Programming and building the tech from the ground up.

      As you rightly say - practical it ain't, but what the kids come up with will be very interesting. I look at those costs, then at my kit and ... well, you know. :-)