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    • My spouse and I went last night - The realism engendered by the correction of the film speeds, and the audio that matches people in the video was quite effective even though I know the film was shot without audio tracks. The realism of the terain between the lines was startling, and a bit spooky. The shells and the artillery were awe inspiring in a very bad way. The images of piles of rotting corpses in and around the trenches should remove anyones ideas of glory in war time.

      I enjoyed listening to Peter Jackson after the movie was over explaining some of what they did to create the movie, and the demonstrations of how important the film speed is to satisfactory viewing. Really a very great experience. Now I need to go back to London to see the Imperial War Museum.

      I liked seeing the tanks, but wished there was more footage of the air war too. I got the feeling that Peter Jackson would like to do more about WWI, maybe about the air war and the naval war.

      I know I have numerous ancestors who fought in the Union Army during the Civil War - my great grandfather's father, and my great grandmother's uncle were both in the Indiana Volunteers through Tennessee and Chattanooga and Chickamauga. Interestingly, I am not certain about my ancestors in uniform during WWI. I need to look into that.

    • Yes, the reclining seats, and being able to choose your seat in advance, definitely made movie-going a better experience. Have you been to the new theater over on San Antonio Road? Their seats are heated! Big plus for people like me who have been known to bring down blankets to the movies.

    • I have been to San Antonio but I didn't know the seats were heated! Love heated seats. But it may be why I sweated through Free Solo there. Or maybe it was Alex Honnold climbing without a rope.