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    • I liked Mojave a lot! One thing you can do is do some research into what apps are supported in 64 bit and which ones are not. There should be plenty online to answer that question now.

      I was worried about jumping to Catalina last year because of that. I had music files I didn’t want damaged. I downloaded the 64 bit garage band on Mojave first, updated the music files, and then jumped to Catalina. My sister jumped to Catalina before she updated some music files and when she tried to open, they thankfully updated to the 64 bit version so perhaps my fears were overrated.

      But, I do understand the hesitation. Fortunately for me, I’m more of a simple user that writes articles and watches YouTube. I don’t have a ton of apps that I use. Just know that when/if you make the leap, there are plenty of resources available to help you navigate your understandable concerns about 64-bit apps.