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    • This was from mid-May in Banff National Park, Canada. When the light is this flat I am typically
      groaning but I shot a couple rolls of film any way. We can't always have ideal light.

      Thank-you for the invite Dave Powell. I am still getting orientated around here.

      This was shot on Kodak Portra 400.

    • Hi Gorudy, I use film so I dont have to edit my photos :) It is kinda like cheating. I have the photo lab scan my film to my preferances and then we never have to open up photoshop. Once in a while I will add a bit of conrast or change the level of blacks but using film means very limited editing for me. To give a bit of a colour boost I over expose the film a bit. If the sun was out I would have had a bit warmer tones and more of a pop to the image overall.

    • Welcome Cody!

      Amazing shot! Props to you for making a wonderful image out of seemingly poor conditions for landscape photography. I probably wouldn't pull my camera out in conditions like that, but now I'm inspired to. I really like your framing. The photo feels grand, like looking out a window into the background. Also, the depth of field gives it a moody feel. Love it.

    • Welcome @Cody! Cake just became better with you being here. You can find more of his amazing work here. Warning: You will want to live a better life and be a better person after interacting with Cody for a few minutes.

      @Chris - You might want to join my Cody Fan Club.

    • Thanks Dave. I am blushing over here. You always beat me to the punch with a compliment. Thank-you for investing in me.

      Cake is interesting - I am just a day in and enjoy it so far :) Cant wait to have more conversations.