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    • My mindset when I clicked play was that I was tired and wanted something relaxing, so I wasn't afraid of the length per se. I seem to like YouTubes in the 10ish minute range. Sometimes I put off watching TED talks because they are usually 18 minutes and require concentration. When I'm done I feel like I did a good thing, but they aren't relaxing.

      And yours was relaxing. The thing I liked best was hearing from the locals. The chef and his crab seemed a little off topic for something called a photowalk, but I liked it just the same. It would have been great to see a couple crab photos close up with good lighting and shallow depth of field. They are such amazing creatures.

      The thing I liked second best was the photos, both yours and the locals, which were gorgeous around sunset. Loved the drone going up to see the sun.

      One thing I thought could be improved was the audio crossfade between cuts. Seemed abrupt sometimes.

      I'm not sure what to think of the last few minutes where you're driving past the stores. I kinda liked it but I got a little bit bored because it just kept going. It'd be interesting to see where people bail from the video.

      One thing I've never liked is when you say "grab your cameras, lets go." Watching it from home is like hmmm, wait, I'm not there, seemed a little corny to me. In this video you said "let's go" and I preferred that.

      These are just my late-night tired musings, maybe everyone else disagrees with me. I'm glad I watched it because I did enjoy it a lot.

    • Hey Chris--thanks as always for watching.

      Great suggestions--DUH--photos of crabs. What was I thinking? How could I miss out on that essential image? You are so right.

      And yes, the driving shots are extensive, but included only as a PSA, in case anyone wanted to know exactly what the streets look like. A better edit for next time.

      Thanks for enjoying the locals. It's what I always wanted to add to the Photowalk experience, but takes a little more planning.

      Onto the next one!

    • I just flew back from a wedding in Oregon this past weekend on a red-eye! It looks like it's not too far from Portland (2 hour drive?), so if I'd had more time and a rental car, looks like a stunning destination that's a bit off the beaten path.

      Loved the bridge shot: there are a lot of beautiful bridges in Oregon, from what I saw!

      The Devil's Punchbowl ocean formation is super-cool. It didn't look like it was very packed with people, either.

      I can't believe the weather changes that much? Portland was so perfectly mild weather-wise that I was jealous (New York being humid and 100 degrees), but I suppose the ocean's currents and tides can add an unexpected variable.

      Would love to see a road trip journey up the Oregon Coast as shared by you someday!

    • Victoria, my dream! A Road Trip video of the Oregon coast, sponsored by Cake!

      Let's get that one going tomorrow.

      Thanks, as always, for taking a look at the latest. We flew into PDX, but never stepped foot into the city. Why go urban when you've got the coast?

      The Devil's Punchbowl wasn't that crowded because we got there just as the tide was shifting. 15 minutes later, and the bowl would be getting full of water!

      Cannon Beach 2019 next up!

      Thanks again for viewing!