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    • It's all about Eldritch Horror.

      Amazing Lovecraftian theme and storytelling. Collaborative (so you don't necessarily hate your friends/family -- I'm looking at you, Settlers of Catan!). Challenging (usually you lose).

      Certainly not a quick game though.

    • Does Cards Against Humanity count? 😂 Side node: They are doing some pretty interesting stuff with their fame.

      I haven't had much exposure to tabletop games. I've played Settlers of Catan and liked it, but it seemed like there was a lot of luck involved. Are the games you like more strategy based?

    • Let's see Ticket to Ride, various versions, Cards Against Humanity (although after a cruise with Mr. Temekin I am questioning his style), Qwirkle, chess, Rummicube, Clue, Monopoly. One of the things that has interested me with Ticket to Ride is the online options to play while not colocated.

    • Yea I definitely prefer strategy oriented games, with less random chance.

      I think settlers has been so successful because it meets in-between; enough strategy for me, and enough randomness for people that aren't very serious to feel like they are having fun.

      Another one that has a good mix of strategy and randomness is Dominion, though the expansions are pretty hit and miss.

      Worker placement games are usually very good at avoiding the randomness: Eclipse, Agricola, Puerto Rico etc. I tend to prefer that style, though they usually take a bit longer.