What can be done to save the planet?”

has been the focus of more than one recent discussion on Cake. Travel less by plane, recycle, eat less meat are all personal choices you can make to lessen the impact of climate change. But what about changes on a nation-state level? In the USA, we’ve been inundated with stories of what’s not being done or what environmental regulations are being discontinued, but what work is being done?

One of my data science newsletters brought to my attention the Climate Action Tracker website. It provides overall ratings of each country’s effort (see cover image) as well as data downloads and graphs of the impact by category. The Data Portal provides numerous drop down filters to fine tune your research. The owners of the site note that it’s still in final beta testing and they welcome comments of issues noted so that they can fix them.

I retrieved USA data on the impact to the Climate Crisis from commercial buildings and it was discomforting.