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    • Plenty of great ideas coming through in this panel, at the close of the panel maybe a sumary of some of the ideas in point from collected from the various posts as a closing coment maybe handy. 

      You mean a Highlights post like this?

      Thank you for reminding me of the need for this, @Glenn_Smith . After I lock the panel on Sunday night New York City time (Monday morning, West Sydney time), I will create a summary from this amazing share of great ideas from everyone.

      We may have a few more contributors before then—and if you’re one of them reading please don’t feel rushed to share your insights. However, since we’ve got panelists from Australia here and their weekend is winding down, I want to transition to what normally happens at the end of a workshop.

      Participant Feedback

      This is the first time that I’ve attempted to do a workshop via a Cake Panel. And I’d like to get useful feedback so that I know what to continue and what to do differently the next time I try this.

      So this is my final ask of all of the panelists. @Ravi , @Glenn_Smith , @Denise , @JazliAziz , @ChrisJenkins , @Vilen , @Felicity , @lidja

      Please provide your answers to the following three questions:

      1. What was good about the workshop?

      2. What could have been better?

      3. What CAN we do to make the next workshop even more amazing?


      If you want to make a comparison to outstanding previous panels on Cake, here’s a link to a favorite panels of 2018 list.