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    • Hi there and thank you for inviting me to the panel @apm!

      I'm mostly a lurker on social media and forums. Being a co-founder and in charge of design at Cake challenged me to become more open about sharing ideas and looking for feedback online. Whereas on Facebook and Instagram I share some ephemeral and light posts, here on Cake I prefer to post thoughtful and longer content.

      It is often challenging to come up with conversations or even just to contribute by posting. Often I feel like I'm not an expert and have nothing to contribute. However, I've realized that by asking interesting questions of the experts we can all learn from them. After all, this is what learning is: asking questions we can't answer from people who can.

      Reading comes easy to me, but I always wanted to start writing and that is where Cake has become indispensable. I found that by putting in a little bit of thought and effort in my posts, my writing improves and I'm getting closer to becoming a better writer.

      To answer your question:

      Best size to use for images?  I know other platforms like Twitter will mess up your images if you don’t use their preferred size.  I’m going to call out @Vilen in the hopes of getting some clarity on what works best on Cake.

      We've built Cake to work with all image sizes. Once a photo is uploaded it is automatically resized to fit and displayed at proper resolution all devices. I recommend uploading the highest resolution image available, cropped at standard ratios: 3x2, 4x3, square etc. Landscape (orientation) images look better on desktop, while portrait look better on mobile. The only difficult images to display right are panoramas. They only look good when viewed in full screen (lightbox).

    • @JazliAziz , you always have such eye catching visuals with your conversations.  What size do you typically use for your lead images?

      Since @Vilen already explained how image sizes work on Cake, I won't add to that any more, but instead I'll share about how I choose my lead images.

      Usually whenever possible, I try to use my own photos. That's one way to guarantee originality, as no one would have ever seen your photos before. Lead images should always represent the content of your conversation. Like for my conversation about e-wallets in Malaysia, I took a photo of a point-of-sales monitor in a retail outlet which had several promotional e-wallet stickers plastered on the back of it.

      Sometimes though, you need to put in some effort for your lead images. Don't feel like it's a waste of time. For my "Anybody can write" conversation, I actually asked my friend to pose her hand on a keyboard while I took a photo. Added a filter for some artistic value, and boom. Lead image.

      I know Cake is mostly about writing, but don't disregard your lead images. They can be very helpful in attracting readers to your conversations, which in turn could lead to more engagement.