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    • Closing thoughts:

      1. What was good about the workshop?

      I think the fact that so many people turned up to chip in with their thoughts, opinions and tips was awesome! I was able to learn a lot of stuff that will help me craft better posts in the future.

      2. What could have been better?

      This feedback is not for this panel per se, but more for how panels work on Cake. I understand that the team is working on this aspect, and I think an approach where people can jump into the conversation without having to be invited to a panel will help make panels more inclusive. I understand that this may go against the original vision of panels - maybe I am just used to AMA's on Reddit and relate panels to be a kind of an AMA. I am hoping we can work this out in the future.

      3. What CAN we do to make the next workshop even more amazing?

      I think we did pretty great this time! One thing that I think that you nailed was scheduling this workshop on a weekend. This way people can keep checking in on the post whenever they are free and I would prefer that we keep scheduling future workshops on weekends. Of course, I am open to hearing other alternatives from others as well.

      Finally, thank you @apm for taking the initiative for this panel, and a big thank you to all the other panelists for taking the time to respond and share their knowledge.

      Great job everyone!

    • 1. What was good about the workshop?

      The participation was excellent. We have almost three dozen posts and over 130 reactions in total. That's pretty good.

      2. What could have been better?

      More participation from non-volunteers. I saw a lot of people sharing tips and advice, but not too many people participating to ask for tips and advice. I'm sure there are many lurkers/readers who didn't participate, so it would've been nice to hear from them as well.

      3. What CAN we do to make the next workshop even more amazing?

      Maybe a slightly longer "registration" period, to allow more time for people to see the post and register for the workshop.

      This was fun, and it was great to see so many people contribute. Hope the next workshops will be even better!

    • 1. I liked the fact that it was utilitarian more than marketing-ish.

      2. Ongoing questions from readers would definitely have contributed to more conversation.

      3. Serve mimosas? I prefer panels with brunch. :D