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    • @apm thanks for asking!

      I don't really have a flow to my photo walk posts except in the case where one photo leads into another. Sometimes that happens when I am taking pictures of murals because I might want to highlight a piece of one of them along with a full view. I usually look through the photos in one of my galleries and select a sampling that I think it interesting.

      I'm still struggling with how many to share initially. I don't want to drive viewers away by posting too many at once. My Orchid Extravaganza conversation may have too many initial photos with 14 photos. I was trying to find a sampling of different types of flowers and I may have gotten a bit carried away.

      The Punto Urban Art Museum conversation that you pointed out was smaller in terms of number of photos. That one had 7 initial photos.

      I'm thinking between 5 and 10 photos is reasonable for an initial set of posts in a conversation.

      While I don't have a lot of words to go along with each photo I like to start each conversation with words. A description of where the photos are taken is a good start. If it's an event of some sort a link to the event is is good because there may be viewers in the same area who might be interested in attending too.