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    • From the "They're really going to do this?" department:

      The 10th & 11th of May, there will be a celebration on Ogden, UT for the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad. This was the high technology of it's day - a six day trip by land across the country, rather than weeks by stagecoach or months by ship.

      So, I'm not a photographer by any means, but I would like to watch 1.2 million pounds of 1940's technology run again, simply for grins and giggles. I'm reading elsewhere that there will be thousands of people, all wanting to watch a bit of history be reborn. If you've not seen news stories, I'm certain they will be coming up soon.

      The last of these specific locomotives were operational in the late 1950's, so there will be only a few that were alive at the time these were retired for diesel-electric locomotive power. Union Pacific has had a heritage fleet for several years. During the centennial celebrations of Arizona statehood, another locomotive (UP 844) came thru the area - photo below:

      My wife was grabbing the shots, while I piloted the motorcycle.

      The locomotive we'll be looking at in May is nearly twice the size of the one in the photo!

      I can only be away from home for a couple of days to watch this; room reservations are made, and hopeful that the weather in southern Wyoming is spring-like in early May.

    • Very cool, @kwthom . Look forward to seeing your pics from the event!

      Curious, are you in a historical society or a railroad club? Or more of a solo historian?

    • No, not in any sort of organized group concerning trains, but more of a interested by-stander, by way of family connections.

      Being on the tail-end of the Baby Boomer cohort, this meant that parents, grandparents, uncles, etc. had seen these in one form or another while they were working.

      In fact, a grandfather worked on railroads in Appalachia, just after the war. My dad tells the story of his playground being the area immediately adjacent to rail traffic, as it took the coal out of the mountains and to far-away places in that post-war era. My uncle decided he'd follow his father into railroading, but that was long after the phase-out of steam power.

      I think there will be as much train watching as there will be people watching.

    • So...a quickie update on this - yes, the trip is still on!

      I ran across a guide written by a professional train buff on places along the route from Cheyenne to Ogden to see the train. Additionally, with a bit of luck, a fellow 'inmate' gave me some details on the area of the route I'll be focused on.

      Spending time on this - and getting an overview of the area will make chasing this a fun and exciting trip...can't wait!

    • Well, been back for a couple of days now. Dealing with a couple of minor issues since then (I still have a GoPro full of images to look thru...), but I did snag these with my cell phone:

      Laramie, WY train depot arrival

      Near Sinclair, WY

      Shot with the best camera I own - Google Pixel 3.

    • Welcome back! Some great photos. The top one looks like a classic Steam Engine. Look forward to more photo shares and how it went.