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    • And I mounted some hardware in case i wanted to get ambitious and rack a set of solar panels. Nothing to ambitious. I've gota set of very small panels, probably capable of a paltry 50 watts. Paired witha charger controller, and battery, and small inverter, It'd be enough to keepa set of 12v LED lights running, and run my trickle charger. Hopefully...

    • It sounds to me more like you're going to build a garage but just not with the large door for a vehicle to enter :) I used to be a carpenter/renovator and I think almost anyone can build a reasonable shed. With the plans and preparation it seems you are taking here I think you'll do way way better than the average person. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

      Lol I thought this was a new post but it's already all done. Great job!