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    • :) Standing in the rain while opening a front door is one of my (many) pet peaves. I know it looks like I started with a 12x16 shed and carved in a covered entryway. But I actually started with an 8x10 prefab concept with a 4:12 roof pitch, and the lack of cover at the front door bugged me. It's bad for the user in the rain. It's also bad for longevity, as the moisture exposure will eventually warp the door. I added a covered entryway and grew the shed around it till it became 12x16 w/ a 3:12 roof. Looking at my local code restrictions (max 200sqft before they start requiring permits and reviews) it just seemed logical...go as big as I can w/o tons of oversight, and address my pet peaves. In my experience...I can always use the extra space. :)

      Windows are going to be 24" tall prefabs. Side-sliding double-pane low-e glass...mostly so that UV-fading inside the shed doesn't get to be a problem. A square one on the gable end. A longer one on the front face of the shed.

      Doors, on the other hand...homemade from 2x4s, and 1/2" ply. I found some nice turnbuckle braces to help keep things square over the years. And I'll probably try to mortise in hinges, instead of exposed barn hinges, and keep things closed with set of flush bolts on the passive door, and a french door reinforcement kit, instead of the basic barrel bolts. The active door will have a standard lockable t-handle. But it's going to also have a rugged padlock hasp. You'll certainly be able to break into this place. But you'll have to bring a prybar and a saw.