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    • The county says I can build up to 200 sqft shed anywhere on my side or rear lot, so long as I keep at 8'-6" or shorter in height. Anywhere is great...except on this particular lot, there're a few things to miss.

      The county was nice enough to publish their stormwater management map with an ESRI viewer on their portal. So I brought that into the model as well. That's a stormwater management creek (blue and black lines) and a stormwater drain pipe (red lines) running through the property. There's an easement of course, over those things.

    • Awesome! Sounds like you have some great plans.

      Have you ever seen the things you can do with used shipping containers? I've always wanted to build an external office or entertaining space with one. It's pretty amazing what people (and companies) are doing. I bet it could make a really awesome shed.