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    • I have known Ben for years, have shot from the top of skyscrapers with him. He could be a rich YouTube star or conduct creative shoots for major brands. πŸ’° But instead he gives his enormous talent to great causes like the environment.

      This is his latest, about the clothes we wear:

    • Thanks! It was literally one of the hardest projects I've ever done - just because of how much work had to be done in such a short amount of time.

      It's weird to try and build/shoot/edit/launch all within the same time frame and I'm not entirely sure how the workflow is supposed to pan out.

      Migrating from a photographer to installation artist is sorta wierd. I'm not entirely sure how my work fits within the community anymore. If anyone has any thoughts I'm all ears.

      Maybe i need to migrate to pinterest or something O_o

    • I despair because it seems what you're able to do β€” show how much we consume and send to landfill and the oceans β€” is so wildly offset by our incentives. Our economy, jobs, and pride in how we look is all tied to our clothing. We may feel bad looking at a photo of landfill, but damn, how awesome do we look today in the stuff we just bought?

      I don't know how this ever ends.