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    • I have Watch 2 but after a few weeks of use it never left its charger. The thing is I still had to bring my phone when I ran, so I'd put on my Garmin watch. In time, the Garmin stopped leaving my wrist even though I missed being Dick Tracy during phone calls.

      Does it feel like cellular changes everything? Are there gonna be times where I don't even feel like having an 8+ in the pocket, like when running to the store? Anyone know what the cellular plans are like?

    • Me! I love the idea of not having to bring an iPhone everywhere. I'm trying to think of when I even need a phone if I can message on the watch. Definitely for taking photos. Maybe for Instagram? If AT&T adds extra to my bill, it would have to be a lot to not be worth it.

    • I'll upgrade for the faster processor, but I don't have much use for cellular connectivity. I always have my phone with me, so I don't think the extra monthly data fee would be worth it.

    • Does it feel like cellular changes everything? Are there gonna be times where I don't even feel like having an 8+ in the pocket, like when running to the store?

      A smart watch without connectivity isn't very smart. That's why I never bothered with the previous model versions. This one is the first one to pique my interest but I'm still not sure I'm going to pull the trigger yet.

      I think the biggest boon for me will be able to go running or exercising without having to strap a massive phone or device to my arm. I like to listen to music and my taste varies too much to rely on the storage for the watch.

      Plus, I use Spotify and not iTunes for music. The Spotify app Snowy should take advantage of the new cellular data and work even better than planned before.

      So in conclusion - maybe I'll get one?

    • Faster processor? I know it has one but I didn't notice my Series 2 watch was slow. What are you doing that makes >$300 worth spending to speed up?

      I'm with you, I think, on connectivity. I always have my phone with me. Not sure I could live without the extra screen real estate for reading news, or a decent keyboard. And I definitely take pictures all the time.

    • Most reviews are written by men for men, but women don't always have pockets on their clothes. Where do you put a phone when you go out to dinner in a dress? $10/month is worth it to not have to bring a phone sometimes.

    • Do we know if the Strava watch app will work without a phone with Watch Series 3? That's a must-have for me, so we don't have to bring the phone. Apple's own running app will not upload to Strava. 🙁

    • The Series 1 felt super slow to me. The Series 2 was a little better, but some apps still take forever to load, and I don't like that Siri doesn't have a voice. I'll take whatever speedups I can get! 🏎

    • A friend just did his first run with an Apple watch and I commented on Strava that the GPS made him look drunk, and as if he ran through some buildings. He responded with the best insight about using the watch for running I've heard yet:

      The total distance is correct to .1 miles. That run is 5.7 miles. If you look at the September 19th run with the Garmin 920xt, it’s definitely a better representation of the route. The Garmin had me on the roads, and the correct side of the roads, even correctly showing where I crossed over to run on the opposite side of the street. The Apple watch has no major mistakes. This run does take me through the Princeton Theo Seminary and on the tow path next to D&R canal, but certainly the Garmin shows the route to greater precision. For example on Library place and Wiggins, I run on the road and the Apple Watch has me on lawns.

      Other issues: I like having cadence information and the Strava app lacks that. I like the current mile average pace and I think Strava is showing me overall pace. Garmin heart rate monitor is more responsive, Garmin device is easier to manually pause and stop. Garmin display is always on so less time glancing at my current stats. I like to listen to Spotify or Audible while running and neither one works on the watch over LTE. The Strava watch app is not using LTE. I need to open Strava app on phone to synchronize. My Garmin picks up house wifi and syncs. Gmail notifications did not show up on the watch but other notifications did.

      Overall, I believe Apple will win this from Garmin in the long run but today there are few benefits and many compromises to only using the Apple watch for running versus carrying phone and Garmin watch together. The main benefit today is simplicity and weight.

      Other caveat to using the watch solo: if the phone is turned off at home you won’t get SMS messages. They are forwarded by your phone. Apple is magically forwarding phone calls to the Apple watch LTE SIM but not non-iMessage SMS messages. Also, there is no Gmail app for watch and Apple’s mail app for the watch does not run untethered. It’s really early days.