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    • What I believe the antagonism comes from is the lack of teaching kids the "golden rule". That's largely because for over a generation people weren't taught about civility; nor how to express themselves other than what they watched on TV and in the movies. During the 1990s media became coarser and coarser, until they could pass a kid cussing off another (i.e., testing the limits of just how far they can get away with without public disgust).

      If the media does that to be "edgy" and see what they could pass as "entertainment", politics also watched. It was just a matter of time a figure would come to the White House to be just like the foulness in the media, and even "sell" depravity as big news, too.

      Have you watched how the news networks are behaving now, too? Gone are the days of Murrow and Cronkite, where civility was more expected. Now it's another race to the bottom mixed into "highbrow" intellectualism.

      They're not taught to respect different views.

      They're not taught to be civil.

      So if they're not being taught basic etiquette to behave in public, they see nothing wrong in being like who they see in the media. If John Wayne can shoot a bad guy, so can they. If a kid can cuss out an adult, so can they.

      In a lot of ways that is a parental problem for they let the media become their kids' babysitter. They thought it was safe, as it was for the parents. Not since the late 80s has TV been a family and educational medium for all ages.

      I pulled the TV plugs out (in fact I don't watch TV anymore, but what is shown here and there on the news online, as I was sick of the incivility and nastiness, that conflicted with my values). These days I read select media that carefully edits their articles and shows to remove the ugliness out of their medium. Don't need to cuss narrating a talk show or documentary. I don't need to see "real life" in the media, I can see that on the street. The media was meant to see the idealistic life to strive for, instead. They used to educate for the Greater Good, not try to show me hell on Earth everywhere.

      So we got our "alternative reality" in the media now, and they're just feeding on the dead daily. If you can turn it off. Move on. Meet real people. Talk face-to-face with them. Enjoy real human contact. Not more of this negative and ugly mediums all racing to the abyss.