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    • I just had my first shoot in awhile to test out how socially distanced portrait photography could work. Overall it's not too bad on the shooting side of things with the big change being to lenses. My 180 F2.8 becomes the headshot lens and I either back up even further or go to the 135 F2 and an 85 F1.8 is the "wide angle" to get a full length shot and with all of these setups I'm probably over 10 feet away for most if not all these photos. The bigger problem is location wise just because people are out a lot more but with those longer lenses and shallow depth of field it helps so the main concern is the colors and patterns the background will make at these longer focal lengths and large apertures. But it seems to have worked out and now I have a better idea of when to use each lens and a few of the locations to shoot at along with a good time to shoot lighting wise.

    • You got a great model to start with. That hair! The makeup, suspenders, mask all work together. Striking. Nice.

      Our neighbors asked me to photograph their puppies today so they cleared out and left me and my wife with the puppies — 8 of them climbing all over me. The mother dog suddenly lunged and bit my sandal-clad foot and wouldn't let go.

      I was using the Eos R with eye tracking focusing. Is it supposed to work on puppies? It mostly does. 28-70 f/2.0 lens!