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    • In addition to my previous post talking about fitness streaming services, there's speculation how you will workout in the next few years and I wonder what aspect of AI and data will play a role. Experts and fitness pros believe and say, "Data and personalization will make you stronger and faster than ever."

      Has data and wearables, like FitBit, Garmin and iWatch, made a difference in your training?

    • I often have deeper conversations with people on FB rather than in real life. I think it's partly because I or they can target another person with a common interest over a topic and we don't have the need for small talk. We can simply get right into the conversation and bypass the intros. I think it varies from person to person and situation to situation.

      Kids now sure use their apps to communicate with one another. They are much more social but that interaction is often shallow and is in many ways very different from what communication once was. We are seeing a huge transformation in the way people communicate. There's even talk of imoticons and images taking over communication. Think about the power of an image and how emoticons can be universally understood by people of different languages. The other side of this is the miscommunication that comes from emoticons and the new challenges that lawyers and courts are facing in legal cases where emoticons have been misinterpreted.

    • Are you familiar with that AI device that you have in your ear while jogging? It tells you how you're doing on your run, can encourage you or tell you what you should be doing. In short it's an AI coach. It's called Lifebeam Vi