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    • Testing out a second post in a Conversation. Got home tonight and to my suprise found a pair of mushrooms growing up in the back lawn, so naturally I had to give them a go with the camera different ones to the normal ones of late so thats always a good thing.

    • Thanks, yes the testures are great on these and the side lighting really brings out the textures. Here's the set up shot. As usual a series of shots processed in lightroom, synced across the series then bought into photoshop to focus stack together to great the one image, Then processed in topaz impressions to give the background effect and the mushrooms masked back in in photoshop, back into lightroom. (Lets see if we can have some education / background stories to shots)

    • little troupe of toadstools growing in the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan, taken in daylight. Underexposed shot with lightning added to give the effect two off Camera speedlites used for this shot.

    • Seeing the difference between the set up and the final shot is pretty mind blowing. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes. It really puts your work into perspective.

      It's amazing to think that our own lawns contain scenes that can seem out of this world.

    • Thanks in the past I’ve posted shots with the camera in full auto then my set up in full manual followed by after post processing with a set up shot thrown in to see the actual lighting conditions. So I’ll throw a few of these up here as well as time goes on. If you really want to get an idea what goes on the the back lawn go out at night with a torch and shine it on the lawn you’ll be amazed how many sets of eyes you see shining back at you from the eye reflection.

    • Another mushroom shot, to start with the finished product, I’ll add in the before processing shot, plus the camera on Auto mode shot and to top it off I’ll add in the behind the scenes shot as well so you get the whole idea of how these are done. But to start with the final result. Stay turned later tonight for the rest. 6:55 pm here Sydney now so time for dinner for me. I’ll be back for cake.

    • Where as again the same shot but this time no off camera lighting used and the Camera set for full Auto mode so this is the shot the camera thinks you want. Hmmmm me thinks not.

    • Another one for those into backyard photography after rain, not something we have had much of these last 8 months, these ones appear out of know where, Puff balls, the top ball is all air with fine spore dust so if a rain drop hits it, it collapse like a bellows and expels the spores in a cloud, it then reinflates ready for the next drop to hit. These come in the back yard after rain, Also it the Australian Botanic Gardens this shots from the back yard. Off camera lighting and focus stacked for this shot.

    • Something different a stink horn this time, growing in the Australian Botanic Gardens. Two off camera lights one to the left rear powered up to blast the light through the fungi, the second light in the right front about 45 degs, and a piece of aluminium cooking foil used as a small reflector on the left front to bounce back a bit of light to fill in the front. How I got here to this level, is pretty much thanks to Google plus themes, there is a theme running called +ShroomshotSaturday which for the last several years I posted a mushroom shot and each time I’ve tried to improve myself over the last shot. Pretty much self taught including the lighting it’s been a fun journey but shows the power of themesand by participating where it can lead you. We’ll see I few can get something like this working here as it will be good to get others to a new level of there creativity. For those into macro work you can note the ant in the bottom left. These are more closeup shots in most cases than Macro as they are not really one ot one life size on the sensor but still interesting.

    • I was thinking along the same line in regards to themes , The only way if I understand it rightly is to open a Topic Shroom shot Saturday with the same tag Give it a go. ;-)

    • Will do waiting for Saturday to kick it off then invite the Shootshrooms group over, see if I get any takers, The next thing would be to try and get nested conversations going as well, like the categories in communities that Google plus has. Some of them were really helpful especially in the Australian Bird communities where they had a category for each bird family where you could post your bird shots under the category of the bird family, guess we can have a topic and then additional topics for each family, I'll have a play with that as well, in the mean time I really should be finishing off the notes and presentation for my next workshop coming up weekend after this one, so not long to prepare for that one, Plant and flower photography workshop. Oh and why not add another Mushroom shot here as well while I'm at it, shot in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan.

    • This next three is the same shot, the first one processed as desciped ealier photostacked to get the depth of field, and two off cmera speedlites and edited in lightroom. Shot in the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan South west of Sydney.

    • Then the same shot wth some extra processing, this one reminds me a bit of wraith world in the lord of the rings films, has that dream like feel to it.

    • This next one may look familiar is its my profile shot for now again the same shot as the first one just processed a bit further again, that the fun with digital images you take the image then process it to however you like, it’s part of play, which is something that leads to further creativity, at first it’s a little hard to let go of the straight sterile image But once you do a whole you world of fun opens up.

    • This little set was taken gowing on the side of a drainage ditch in one of the lesser walked areas of the gardens, for this shot the camera was at the bottom of the ditch on a small piece of wood I use to level the camera in the middle of the ditch with running water around it, two speedlites and a small piece of Aluminium cooking foil used as a reflector.