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    • The Republican National Convention kicks off tonight. What are all of your expectations? The Trump campaign says they want to make it positive, but so far, it looks like Trump is leading with a dark, negative message. That’s honestly what I’ve been expecting. Fear is the only way Trump can still get votes, imo. Thoughts? 

    • Herschel Walker is using Donald Trump’s time as owner of the defunct USFL team New Jersey Generals to show he knows how to lead and manage an organization. Really? Lmao 😂

    • Americans are being led and sucked in by a con man and the Republicans are complicit. They all need to be voted out and then a new party can be rebuilt. One that can win with ideas and not Gerrymandering and being divisive.

    • Statistically something like 1% of MD doctors are quacks. About 10% of osteopaths are quacks and about 99.999% of naturopath ‘doctors’ are quacks. A majority of chiropractors promote stuff like homeopathic remedies. With things like that it shouldn’t be hard to find a ‘doctor’ who believes or says stupid things.

    • Ok, so I watched as much of the convention from tonight as I could stomach. I think the convention was effective at rallying up Trump's base. If you are already on board with him, tonight should fire you up even more. If you are voting for Biden like me, you wanted to throw stuff at the TV in frustration, lol.

      As for undecided voters, I don't know if tonight was that effective. It wasn't terrible. I think Trump meeting with regular citizens and hearing their stories wasn't all bad. I think it was at least an effort to show he can connect with the average Joe, but I don't know how many people outside of his base will buy that.

      Also, there was a lot of effort from the various speakers to paint the Democrats as radical, extreme, and dangerous. Given how positive and upbeat the Democratic convention was, I don't know how many voters are going to buy the Republicans' message about the Democrats being so dangerous and radical.

      There was also an effort to make it sound like Trump is handling COVID-19 well and that he has a plan for the economy. As if the United States didn't have 180,000 deaths and 30M unemployed. I don't know how well that message will play over.

      All in all, if you are part of Trump's base and you love him, tonight was great. If you hate Trump and are all in on Biden, you naturally disliked much if not all of what we saw. And if you are an undecided/swing voter, I'm not sure how much if any of tonight you are buying. I would say tonight was a net good for Trump's efforts to energize his base and a net good for the Democrats in that much wasn't done to get those much needed crossover votes.

      One thing to keep in mind is you have a solid number of Republicans who aren't voting for Trump again, so this was a last ditch effort to maybe claim back some of those people and keep the base that is all in on Trump happy. The Republicans are behind in the count, but they have to start somewhere.

      And to touch quickly on production value, I felt the overall layout of the Republican convention tonight was fine. There were concerns about that, but I thought the presentation in terms of formatting to fit television and all, was fine. It wasn't as warm and fuzzy as the Democratic convention, but I don't think that's the vibe they're going for. They're going for more doom and gloom and also fear.

    • What do you think of the format VS the clap screen? How many people do you think are voting against President Trump but not really for Biden?

      One thing I find striking is Trumps sisters recordings coming out. Kelly Anne quitting and the sheer number of Never Trumpers all laid out the day before the convention. It’s like a mass expenditure of Ammo all on the same day. I wonder if any of it was effective.

      Speaking of Never Trumpers I find it striking that GW doesn’t represent. What does that tell us about the 8 years of his babbling incoherently while getting us into an unesesarry war?

      On the other hand what is a guy that went to Epstein Island 27 times verified although he denies it doing with any speaking time at all? Especially setting himself up to be leveled telling us how the Oval Office should be used.