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    • Maintaining a fitness regime on the go isn't easy - but doable. I use training bands for strength workouts and do HIIT exercises; what else is there that could work as a portable gym?

      How do you keep fit on the road?

    • My typical workout is cycling, but when traveling I’ve started running since all you need is a pair of shoes. Its also amazing how far you can get just with a yoga app and body weight excercises!

    • Echoing @xorius ,I usually find that a combination of body weight exercises plus some running is more than enough for me. And that requires, indeed, a pair of shoes, maybe a mat. Finding something that can serve as a pull-up bar is a bonus. For bodyweight exercises I've had great results (incoming involuntary pun) with Runtastic Results app (now associated in some way with Adidas, but that didn't detract anything from the value or quality).

    • Definitely agree on body weight exercises! Running isn't for me though :D

      I think resistance bands are pretty awesome too, but a few weights would be so helpful. Using moto luggage as weights helps but you never know the exact weight which is annoying :D