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    • I'm a Tesla fanboy hoping they remain the Apple of electric cars, but it looks like China may deliver the Samsung Galaxy equivalent. Xpeng announced that their SUV is on sale with delivery very soon. It would cost $33,000 but government subsidies will knock that down into the 20-something thousands.

      They've raised over a billion dollars from companies like Alibaba. They claim it has unique self-driving features that match the way the Chinese drive with face recognition for payment, whatever that means. It looks pretty sweet. They weren't the only ones to announce an electric SUV in China last week. China has over 400 electric car startups. 😳

      Would you buy a Chinese car?

    • Your analogy of cars being branded as either Apple or Samsung was perfect. That Model Y looks pretty cool. I am a hard core station wagon guy and now that I am driving my 1st Volvo (used), I am looking forward to what Volvo is doing in the next 5 years. They plan to have all of their cars 100% electric....and, basically a Chinese company is providing the financing but they hired back the Swedish engineering team. So, kind of the best of both worlds IMHO.

      It seems that American cars are designed like Motorola phones (regardless of the corporate ownership de jure)....lots of poorly executed knockoff technology. But, hey, the cigarette lighter is bluetooth capable. hahahahhah

      PS - No offense intended if you own a Moto phone... :)

    • It's a rooftop camera that doesn't have anything to do with self-driving. Here's what the company says about it. Maybe something for Chinese culture?

      The cars are equipped with HD camera for photography and video recording. Suitable position & angle and prompt action are all users need every time they find beautiful scenery on the way. With camera on the car roof, users can photograph and share, recording their own wonderful memories.