Miranda is The Fashioneur who recently attended our catalog shoot and modeled fashions she collected for this shoot. 😊

I met Miranda when she was 12-13 at a fashion show several years ago at Neiman Marcus in The Domain during Austin Fashion Week. She is interested in modeling/fashion and has been writing a fashion blog since she was 12. See - Fashioneur – https://web.archive.org/…/2013010…/http://atxfashioneur.com/

The above image was taken with 7 strobes - 2 large diffused umbrellas, front, left/right; 2 strip boxes left/right slightly behind and shooting toward model's back and side; 2 bare bulb strobes left/right pointing back to seamless paper background and flagged with black cine foil; 1 small overhead softbox on boom for hair light. The background and overhead lights were set at about a 7/10th stop brighter than the main two front lights. The strip boxes were set about 1 stop of light less than the front lights.


Model/Wardrobe: Miranda Waldron Curry
Makeup/Hair: priscila bustos
Sheepskin Hat Artist: Cheryl Elms - https://www.elmzart.com/sheepskin-hats
Studio Owner/Photographer's Assistant: Monica Smith
Juju Smith / jujufotofactory
Photographer: Paul Johnston

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