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    • I didn't buy anything on these days because I've commited myself to purchasing a relatively expensive bicycle and the bank account is telling me no more. I am curious however if other people have been happy with the deals this year.

    • I learned something interesting from a friend in retail: She advised never to buy a tv on a Black Friday deal because many manufacturers make specific models to sell at a discount and they are inferior to their year-round models. She stocks the shelves so I'm assuming she knows. :/

    • my friend got a pretty sweet deal at kohl’s on the Nintendo switch.... it was like the system, one game, a protective case, and a pair of turtle beach headphones for $330... and then got 90 dollars kohl’s cash to use at a later date.... it’s probably one of the best deals I’ve heard of in a while... seeing the switch is 299 on its own.

      Wish I would of paid a little more attention...

      As for the Black Friday TVs your friend is absolutely right they make special models that aren’t anywhere near as good as their regular models....